Q: what's the best side hustle?

A: The one that makes you happy




I’m excited about a new project and wanted to share it with you!


If you’re spent much time around me, you know about my struggle with headaches.  I get terrible migraines - from stress, hormones, chemicals, light and even wine!


I used to love wine, but wine didn’t love me!

Sometimes it would trigger migraines, even after a few sips.

So, I stopped drinking reds, but sometimes still had problems with the whites.

So, then I stopped drinking wine completely!


But I missed having a glass at dinner.


And, that’s why I’m so excited - I can drink wine again!  


I found a wine company that sells only clean crafted wine! It's delicious and I don't get headaches when I drink it! 


The company is Scout and Cellar, and their wines are different - no added sugar, no chemicals or additives, no synthetic pesticides and low sulfites.  The wines are not mass produced, and they must fit a very specific profile on sustainability/harvest standards. S&C test the wines that they pick in two separate laboratories to confirm that the wines fit the profile and have NONE of the 350 additives that the FDA allows mass produced wine to contain. 


So this is my new project - sharing this great information! I loved the wine so much that I decided to become a consultant.


I think of it as providing support instead of selling, but I am for sure selling this delicious wine!  Check out my the graphic below on what makes a wine 'clean crafted' and then click on the link above to find out more!


Let me know if you have any questions.


Or, if you love wine too, and want to share in this journey, think about joining my team!  It’s a great time of the year to start a side hustle.  Or, just drink discounted wine!


I’d love to talk to you about joining my team - or help you pick out a great wine! If you want to host a virtual tasting - let me know!



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