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Blogging is harder than it looks

I jumped into blogging with no idea what I was doing (could you tell?) Remember my first post, Here, have this rock? It was one of those things that if I waited until I knew how to do it, I might never get started. So, I just jumped in! And, learned a lot!

I read lots of posts on 'how to blog' from other bloggers, and found someone who had a relatable tone and was super informative - Christina Guan at HappyToWander.com. She is a travel blogger and a blogging blogger (she blogs about blogging). Hee hee hee, that sounds funny!

The crazy thing about blogging, is that it is addictive. I'm not sure why, but I initially felt like if I wasn't blogging, I was wasting time. All I wanted to talk about with my friends and family was how to use social media and what topic I was going to cover next and what graphic design program to use and how to use SEO and..... you get an idea.

One night in one of those manic phases of blogging knowledge seeking, I found Christina and she had so many answers! I was hooked.

I was so enamored with her that I even wrote her a message that night. I went on at length about how much I got out of her articles, about my blogging and what I was doing with my Financial Fitness blog, and even asked her if I could be a guest writer on her site!

Pretty ballsy, right?

She had no idea who I was, has 70k followers for her work, is well established and is awesome at what she does. I, on the other hand, had been posting things for three weeks. My site had about 100 viewers and about 300 'followers' who were mostly my friends!

What was I thinking?

But I was flush with the blogging frenzy and truly believe that what I write about is important for everyone! So I asked - and she said yes (after checking out my writing style and my site). I was so excited!

The finished product is finally here! She posted yesterday and it is live! Check out my first guest post - How I Fund My Travel: An Experts Guide to Creating a Travel Fund and Budget

And, if you have any interest in blogging, go ahead and jump! You can make a free site easily using Wix (see links above) and just start writing! The first one is the hardest. Send me a link and I'll read it!

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