• Theresa Gray

Why it's so hard to dump our bad habits

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Our lives are filled - with activities, people, clutter, mental stress. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re like me - and that a ‘normal’ day isn’t the time to do any major revamping. Sometimes even thinking about changing on a future day is overwhelming. In this article I want to discuss why we love our bad habits, why we love to hate them, and share a motivational speech telling us why we should say, “Goodbye” ASAP!

Look at this list of top New Year’s Eve Resolutions:

American’s top New Years Resolutions (2016)

• Enjoy life to the fullest (45.7%)

• Live a healthier lifestyle (41.1%)

• Lose weight (39.6%)

• Spend more time with family and friends (33.2%)

• Save more, spend less (30.1%)

• Pay down debt (27.5%)

It’s already August, and I wonder how Americans are doing?

Take a sneak peek around and do an assessment.

Do people look healthier or skinnier than they did in January?

Do they seem happier and enjoying life more?

Have you noticed people paying down debt and decreasing spending (you’ll know this one because they say weird things like, “no, it’s not in the budget”)?

I hope that you are in that rare group that you are able to say, “Yes, people are happier, skinnier, healthier, and are enjoying family and friends in a debt free way!”