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Auto-Interview Part 2

Theresa: It’s been three months since your last self-interview, why are you doing it again?

Me: I like to pretend that people have been clamoring for more, and this is an easy way to do an update on everything that’s been going on for MoneyMatters.Life!

Theresa: What has been going on?

Me: I got nominated to be interviewed by Dave Ramsey!

Theresa: That’s great! How was it?

Me: I spoke with an assistant producer, but ultimately didn’t get picked for the interview with Dave. They are promoting 25 years of Financial Peace University, and had specific stories that they wanted to share. I guess my story wasn’t one that they needed - but it was an honor to be considered. :)

I am getting ready to lead my 10th FPU class at Daybreak Church in Carlsbad, CA! It starts September 24th, runs for 9 consecutive weeks, and is from 6:30-8:30pm. I do not charge for the class, but you will need to purchase the materials through Dave Ramsey's store (or I will have a few available at class for $100). We have childcare available for a small fee. You can sign up for it right here!

Theresa: Awesome! That’s a great class, I loved it.

Me: Me too.

Theresa: I notice that you haven’t been blogging as often, what happened to you? Did you get lazy?

Me: Um, we took a vacation.

Theresa: So you got lazy?

Me: Yes, a little!

I have written two guest blog posts for other websites (one hasn't been published yet, but the other one is here). So I’m not as lazy as it looks. And, it’s a lot of work to learn all about how to be a blogger.

Theresa: That reminds me, I have been wondering, “Why are you a blogger now?”

Me: I’m still a Financial Coach!

But I decided after getting my certification that I should have business cards and a website with my information. I tried my hand at making my own website and the first one was awful! I bought the address flynnsfinancialfitness.com and used Google to host it, but realized that my site was ugly and that the email address was impossible for people to remember or type in - so I had to try again.

This time I got a recommendation to use Wix for my host site and purchased an easier to remember address (MoneyMatters.Life) to use. This time it came out great and Wix was super easy to use. You don’t have to have any programming background and you can see what it will look like right as you design it on the webpage.

Once I had my main pages filled in I realized that I could make a blog page and I thought, “Hey Theresa, you could blog about all the stuff you love to talk about, and spare some of your friends!” It was perfect! I made the blog page and then got brave and posted my first post: Here, Have This Rock.

Theresa: Great title, btw.

Me: Thanks, I try to amuse myself with this stuff since I don’t really know if anyone will read it. And, I had a picture of me holding a rock and I didn’t know what else to do with it. (So it worked for two needs - like killing two birds with one rock - ha ha!)

Theresa: That’s a little pathetic, but I’m glad you’re happy! So, do people read your posts?

Me: Yes! Check out this map which shows where people are checking out my stuff! I’ve had readers from New Zealand and Vietnam!

where people are reading my blogs

Theresa: What sorts of things do you write about? Does it get hard to come up with ideas?

Me: Sometimes I have more ideas than time! As long as I’m reading books related to financial fitness, it’s easy to stay motivated. As soon as I let myself goof off and read zombie books, I have a harder time writing!

I recently had a financial coaching session that filled me with a sense of urgency to come home and write about how to prioritize WHO you pay when you’re in Survival Mode. (Here’s what no one tells you about paying bills)

I also get asked a lot about how to start investing when you don’t have a lot of money, so I wrote something for starting small with investing (How to start investing today). If you can get your kids to understand compound interest it would be great to show them how fast their money can double! (Rule of 72)

Theresa: What is your most popular post?

Me: Oddly, my first post has had the most views, followed by my guide on How to declutter and selling your stuff for profit.

Theresa: Thanks for your time, Theresa, is there anything else you’d like to say?

Me: Thank you, Theresa for the interview! I’d love to urge my loyal readers….

Theresa: (coughs and laughs)

Me: I’d like to urge anyone to contact me if you have any questions about whether financial coaching is right for you. You can also call or text me at (760) 576-HOPE.

Conversely if you are in the solar industry please lose my number. We installed solar panels last year from Sun Run, we are saving a lot of money and we don't need any more! You are driving me crazy with the constantly calling!

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