• Theresa Gray

Would you let her buy you lunch?

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I haven't blogged in a while because we've been swamped with living the good life: All-Star Baseball tournaments for my studly 8 year old and a family trip to Washington DC. I expected to have a lot of patriotic themed blog ideas after all that coolness - but the whole thing actually gave me my first huge writer’s block!

It all started great. Right before we left, I wrote an awesome post on how to pre-fund your vacation for maximum enjoyment for my first guest blog post! I’m tooting my own horn on that, btw - I asked if I could do it, not the other way around! (I’ll add the link here once she publishes it.)

But once I got to DC, I became overwhelmed by thinking of the costs incurred by the federal government to maintain all the monuments, memorials, National Park sites and the museums. I’m home now and still struggling! So, this post is about my struggle and a question for you - “Would you let her buy you lunch?”

Don't get me wrong, we loved our visit. The city was amazing and as far as a destination it may have been one of our least expensive vacations, because everything is free!

I was struggling in that environment where budgeting doesn't seem to fit. Sure, there is a lot of talk about budgets, but it seems to be more about not approving someone’s budget than sensibly assessing wants versus needs.

Budgeting is living within your means today so you don’t rob from your future tomorrow. It is not trying to look ‘fake rich’ to impress people that you don’t know.

Even as I was oohing and ahhhing the opulence of the Library of Congress, I was feeling uneasy guilt of enjoying the sites for free. If I had a friend who couldn’t pay her bills but habitually offered to buy my lunch, I wouldn’t let her do it!