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Wonder Woman: Movie Review

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Today is my son's eighth birthday and as part of his celebration we made sure to have room in our budget for a special family trip to Cinépolis to see the opening day of Wonder Woman.

It’s hard to have an objective opinion of any movie that I see at Cinépolis! It’s such a pleasant environment. Anytime I can sit cozied up to my husband on a leather loveseat, with a beer and delicious food, while my kids are happily seated together with popcorn, I’m a happy mama. I start to see things through my rose colored glasses!

But I’m home now, and back to reality, so I can give you my honest opinion of the new Warner Bros. Pictures movie.

Wonder Woman was good! I loved that Diana was a strong yet caring superhero, I would be pleased to have my kids emulate her as a role model.

Visually, I especially loved the initial scenes when the Amazons were on the island of paradise, Themyscira. It was a breathtakingly enchanting place that I wish was real because I would love to go visit those ruins! The Amazons were beautiful and powerful and watching them train was inspiring (it made me forget my 2” vertical jump and fantasize I could take part in their training!) This was my favorite part of the movie. I loved seeing little Diana, Daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, in her native environment as a child. I grew up watching Wonder Woman on television and I was always fascinated with her island and family of Amazons.

Interesting tidbit, whenever I watched the show as a child with my dad, he would tell me that he

was waiting for her top to fall down! I was pleased and amused today to see that they thought of that in this version and added a strap to at least one of her warrior outfits!

Once Diana left the island the movie was lacking in the visual splendor of the opening sequences. I found it to be dark visually and emotionally. It had an oppressive feel without very many light moments to break up the oppression, that are often found in other superhero movies. But, a lot of that has to do with natural coloring of London in the 1900s (grey) and the reliance on WW1 to bring Diana off of Themyscira.

The acting was good, Wonder Woman is beautiful, the story was believable (as far as you can say that about superheroes), and the overall message that humans have darkness inside but also the capacity for love was uplifting in the end.

Wonder Woman was full of explosive action violence as well as awesome hand to hand fighting (says the wannabe martial artist inside me) and some arms combat (thank goodness for her armbands). There is a lot of death but most of it is bloodless. Wonder Woman, while often naïve, is a brave strong selfless heroine and sets a good example for the people around her.

That were strong messages about teamwork, courage, and compassion and I would say that this movie is good for mature eight-year-olds and up.

Because much of the action is set on a WW1 battlefield, it would be good to have a talk ahead of time to discuss some history about the war. In case you’re a little rusty like me, here is a cheat sheet:.

World War, I also known as the First World War, was a global war centered in Europe that began

July 28, 1914 and lasted until November 11, 1918. The war lasted exactly four years, three months and 14 days. Before World War II began in 1939, WWI was called the War of the Nations, the Great War, the World War or the War to End all Wars. 135 countries took part in World War I, and more than 15 million people died. There were no know superheroes involved in the war.

It involved two opposing alliances – the Allies and the Central Powers.

Allies: Russia, France, British Empire, Italy, United States, Japan, Rumania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Montenegro.

Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The war was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria but differences between foreign policies of the major world powers were the underlying causes of the war.

Such as:

• Tangled country alliances, created to maintain a balance of power in Europe;

• The Bosnian Crisis - Austria-Hungary took over the former Turkish province of Bosnia in 1909 angering Serbia;

• Countries were building their military forces, arms and battleships;

• Previous conflicts and empire building made countries eager to regain lost territories;

• The Moroccan Crisis - 1911, Germans were protesting the French possession of Morocco.

The Americans joined World War 1 after a German submarine sunk the British Ship, Lusitania. In all, 1,195 passengers, including 128 Americans, lost their lives. Americans were outraged and put pressure on the U.S. government to enter the war, which they did on April 6, 1917.

The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was more than 38 million: there were over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history. Chemical weapons (i.e. mustard gas) were first used in World War I.

In 1919, The Treaty of Versailles officially ended the WW1. The Treaty required that Germany accept full responsibility for causing the war; make reparations to some Allied countries; surrender some of its territory to surrounding countries; surrender its African colonies; and limit the size of its military. The Treaty also established the League of Nations to prevent future wars. The League of Nations helped Europe rebuild and fifty-three nations joined by 1923. But the U.S. Senate refused to let the United States join the League of Nations, and as a result, President Wilson, who had established the League, suffered a nervous collapse and spent the rest of his term as an invalid.

Whew! That’s enough history for me! I’m lucky that my husband is so great with History and Geography, so that he can help with the explanation, but at least now I can follow along and act intelligent.

Overall, it was a great birthday outing! I’m so happy that we have it in our birthday budget to go to Cinépolis. I was able to reserve our seats in advance so that we didn’t have the regular opening day theatre drama of: getting there an hour early; waiting in line; getting jostled for good seats; and then having to sit immediately adjacent to a stranger. The reclining leather seats are clustered by twos in a ‘love seat’ formation, so you have plenty of room to bring a blanket and cuddle up with someone (that you know). The seats are so great, that you really want to hang out in them, which is cool because you can order delicious food FROM YOUR SEAT. And, you can get beer and wine in every theater, during any show!

I’m looking forward to the next great date night there, without kids. :)

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