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DIY Business Cards and Flyers

I just finished designing my business cards and flyers for my new business! After brainstorming with my friend Allison, founder and lead designer at B-Hive Creative, I decided to be brave and make my own literature! I decided to use Moo.com and the free Canva App from the App Store together to make my stuff! What do you think? This is the front of the flyer, which is a half page sheet.

MoneyMatters.Life new brochure

The really cool thing about the Moo.com site, is that you get to design multiple backs of your item for free. At first when my graphic designer friend was explaining why this was cool, I didn't get it. But, once I started to play around the site I got it! Here is the skinny:

My flyers will be printed on both sides, and will have the same front page graphic on all of my flyers, but divide my back graphic between the different designs. For example, I am printing 250 flyers, all with the front info I show above, and then I made three back graphics (two are pictured below). Moo.com will send me the 250 flyers with 250 identical fronts and of those 250 flyers, I will have 83 printed with the credit card image, 83 printed with the bible verse and 84 with info about my blog (not pictured).

They have the same story with the business cards. I chose the mini business cards, which are about half the size of a normal business card, and will have a glossy finish and rounded corners. This will be my mini business card front:

My new business card for financial coaching

These will be my mini business cards backs:

I've never had to do my own literature or business cards, and I was happily surprised at how inexpensive and easy to customize I found Moo.com to be. If you click my link, you will get $15 off your first order (and I get a $15 credit too)!

The Canva App is awesome, and I'm sure other people have written really good reviews and how to use guides on it. If you like the idea of doing your own work, I would highly recommend trying out this app. It's very easy to use and you can make your own graphics with a cool picture and quotes on top. I usually use it on my iPad and then save the graphics in Dropbox and then send out appropriately to Pinterest, Instagram, or to use in a blog. You can also do graphics on your iPhone, which then makes posting to any social site a breeze!

If you do want someone to professionally assess your company and help you with branding, events, signage, web design, logos and all that other stuff (which can quickly become overwhelming for us newbs), I would then recommend that you check out B-Hive Creative and ask to speak to my buddy, Allison!

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