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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 - Movie Review

The new “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” movie came out yesterday! We made sure to save room in our budget to get opening weekend tickets at our favorite theater, Cinépolis, in La Costa. I want to do a quickie movie review of this little gem, but first I want to rave about how much I love Cinépolis (and then see if including them in my blog can score me some future ‘press’ bonuses! (Living on a budget teaches you to not be too proud to ask for discounts! Wink, smile, wink!)

Although ticket prices at Cinépolis are higher than at a regular theater (unless you can land some of those groovy press passes), the overall experience is SO much better! You can reserve your seats in advance so you don't have the regular opening night theatre drama of: getting there an hour early; waiting in line; getting jostled for good seats; and then having to sit immediately adjacent to a stranger. The reclining leather seats are clustered by twos in a ‘love seat’ formation, so you have plenty of room to bring a blanket and cuddle up with someone (that you know). The seats are so great, that you really want to hang out in them, which is cool because you can order delicious food FROM YOUR SEAT. And, you can get beer and wine in every theater, during any show!

Thank goodness that living on a budget doesn't mean ‘no fun’ or ‘no luxury’! When you make a budget, you get to base it off of your priorities! You can have what you want, but (probaby) not everything you want! We made our budget padded with a nice big entertainment category so we can go once in a while to an opening weekend at Cinépolis.

So the movie, GGv2, is rated PG-13, and definitely has violence, bad words and all the other stuff you’d expect in that rating genre. It also had positive family oriented messages of teamwork, friendship and unconditional chosen-family bonds. Picture me with my hands out to each side - weighing the bad versus the good - about equally balanced.

But then, I flash back to BABY GROOT, and the good hand shoots way up! Seriously people,

I was gaga over this little tree. Little baby Groot had several scenes where he really stole the show. The opening scene set the tone for me - there was a big fight going on and I honestly could not see any of what was happening on screen because I was so focused on baby Groot's dancing.

The story was good, but mostly was just a vehicle to get the characters to say funny things to each other, fight the bad guys, and to interact with baby Groot.

My son and I were hyperventilating during our favorite baby Groot scene where he is trying to retrieve something for his friends but gets confused and keeps bringing the wrong things. And THEN, he has a discussion with Rocky Raccoon about hats. And why he doesn’t like them. I am Groot! I am Groot! Sooooo funny!!

My family would give this movie a double thumbs up, but if you take your family, be prepared for a lot of ‘bad words’ and a slightly uncomfortable moment when the focus was off of baby Groot and we were forced to pay attention the the storyline which veered close to us having to explain the impregnation process to our kids. Luckily, that scene ended and Groot was center stage again. The movie would probably be best suited for kids 12 and up. And, you if you didn’t see the first one, you should watch it before watching this version. And, if you didn’t like the first one, skip this one!

We loved it. We even ended up buying a commemorative plastic baby Groot head full of popcorn. (Yay, budget!) Apparently, we are Groot!

Your budget is based on your priorities

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