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5 Ways to ignore debt induced guilt

Sometimes we all need a break from reality! Perhaps you’ve been reading blog posts about overspending and have been feeling a little anxious about your debt? (Theresa writes hopefully)

Well, like I learned in my environmental engineering studies, “dilution is the solution to pollution”! (just kidding). But in this case, let’s numb your debt/guilt reaction with a little fun distraction!

Here are my recommendations:

1) Read some zombie books. I hate to brag, but I’m a bit of an expert on zombies. I’ve read too many to count and love the theme of a normal person being thrown into a crazy situation. I especially love that it is scary, but because I know that it is never going to happen, I don’t mind the stress of fighting off the undead. I like that the characters have to scavenge for food and find shelter WHILE also dodging zombies! (Like it's not hard enough already to just make dinner!!!) It really puts into perspective how easy I have it! Of course you could read any book for distraction. I would recommend that you not read Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired, though. It is fraught with stressful, yet informative facts about retirement, debt, and how we need to curb our behavior now to be able to fund our retirement later.

2) Watch an episode of Hoarders on A&E. This show always makes me feel good about the clutter in my house. The poor people on this show are literally buried in their stuff. Again, it's good for comparison. My clutter is much better than their clutter, and I’m sure yours is too! If this show motivates you to do some cleaning, keep a bin for donation and a bin for resale and a big one for trash! This is a neat pin from a company that rents out dumpsters, so they push getting a dumpster, but it is a really good guide to decluttering.

3) Get some exercise. Get outside and stop looking at your bank statement and bills! Take a walk with the kids or your honey, borrow the neighbors dog, go to the beach, or take a four hour roundtrip drive to Borrego Springs to see the wildflowers (which apparently were great 3 weeks ago) and too hike The Slot (a mile long slot canyon) (which apparently you cannot get to via ‘The Trail’.

Borrego Springs drive - distraction from blogging and debt anxiety!

All good options! Even without seeing the flowers or the canyon, we had a great trip. It was fun to spend time in a different environment, talk and try something new! If you feel like you need some help with working out and want to take your exercise regimen to a new level, my good friend Lauren Brooks is the bomb. This site has follow along workouts and kettlebell instructional videos.

4) Do nothing. Stay away from dumb games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, or Candy Crush because they are soul sucking time stealers. And I would know, I’m levels 103, 8, and 261.

5) Go to church! Especially tomorrow, it’s Easter! Spend some time being thankful for what you have, and I’m not even referring to your stuff. Give yourself some grace and know that you are loved by God and that it is ok to make mistakes in life and with your finances. We can fix it!

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