Family Gratitude Journal

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Family Gratitude Journal

Hi, I’m Theresa Gray, and in 2018, I wrote a book, titled,  Family Gratitude Journal.


This book is designed to help you find joy in everything.  

You can use it to teach your family to have an attitude of gratitude.

You can use this book to battle entitlement and foster thankfulness about your life and your families life.


A little history about my Family Gratitude Journal….


I finished a great book, Max Lucado’s Anxious for Nothing, and I was motivated to work on fighting my own anxiety by increasing my thankfulness. I also know from my budgeting experiences, how important it is to feel contentment to fight wanting more, and more, and more....  Keeping a gratitude journal seemed like a great solution to increase appreciation for what we have!


So, I wanted to start keeping a gratitude journal but didn’t what it should be like or even know how to do it. I also wanted to come up with a plan that could include my family doing a journal too.


I started to research what gratitude journals were and realized that it’s easy to fall into repeating the same things each day and not really diving in deeper than surface level thankfulness.


I’m thankful for my house.

I’m thankful for my family.

I’m thankful for these cheetos and this glass of ridiculously tasty, clean crafted Scout and Cellar wine! 


I decided to create something for my family to use - something with prompts to help us dig deeper and THINK about the answers. And,  because I love things to look pretty I got really excited about creating a format where I could record my memories and have a visual scrapbook of our thoughts.

My Family Gratitude Journal practically wrote and created itself, because I was so inspired by the idea!

I brainstormed how to print and bind the journal pages so it would be easy to use and I realized that the company that had been printing my yearly photo albums could easily print up 'trade' books.

You know how sometimes things comes together so perfectly?  That was this book!  I printed 8 copies on February 22nd, of 2018 and kept four and gave four away to a friend.  That friend wanted more copies.  I had more printed, realized that I could sell it on Amazon with a push of a button, and I was off and running!  I still sell it on Amazon, but also opened an Etsy store to sell customization (and I keep it in stock for immediate shipping when sometimes Amazon is backordered.)


The Family Gratitude Journal is designed for everyone to have their own copy.

If it's 'your' book, you feel comfortable to put your name on it and mark it up.

Doodle on the cover, in the margins, paste stickers all over it!

(This is why I priced the book at only $9.99/copy).


My vision was that we would use our books at dinner time.  After dinner, we take five minutes and pick one question and we all answer that one same question. There’s a spot for the date, and 5 written answers, or some days there’s a spot to draw your answer. 


When we’re all finished, writing or drawing, we just share our answers. 


I love answering the questions and taking time to appreciate what matters to me. And, it’s great to hear the details that matter to my family.


It’s helped my children realize how wonderful our lives are and how even their smallest actions make an impact on others.


By taking that little bit of time to acknowledge the little things that we are grateful for, it reinforces the importance of doing little things for others.


They can smile at someone.

Hold the door open.

I can give up a parking space.

We can pay for someone’s meal at a drive through.

Fostering an “attitude of gratitude” helps us to proactively build a foundation built on appreciation for blessings.


And with a firm foundation of gratitude, we can more easily not be purely reactive to events when they happen.  


It puts us in a position to be able to take the negative things in stride because you know that you’re operating from a position of strength.


Gratitude gives us protection against anxiety, envy, entitlement, and the comparison way of life.


Because as Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

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