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April 6, 2018

Our society doesn’t hate debt - but it should.  If not for our own sake as adults, then we should for the sake of our children. Kids are growing up completely immersed in marketing.  It is pervasive on every website, embedded in movies and television, not to mention al...

August 22, 2017

Friends listen to me, I’m telling you something important. I have friends who make $30k a year and friends who make $300k a year and I hear the same comments about needing to make more money to fix the problem from all of them.  I can tell you from my own experiences...

July 29, 2017

Theresa: It’s been three months since your last self-interview, why are you doing it again? Me: I like to pretend that people have been clamoring for more, and this is an easy way to do an update on everything that’s been going on for MoneyMatters.Life! Theresa: What h...

July 20, 2017

I call this being in survival mode. It's not just trying to make it to the end of the month, but it's choosing between eating dinner and having a place to live. If this sounds like you or someone you know, then you're going to want to read on.

July 14, 2017

I haven't blogged in a while because we've been swamped with living the good life: All-Star Baseball tournaments for my studly 8 year old and a family trip to Washington DC. I expected to have a lot of patriotic themed blog ideas after all that coolness - but t...

June 19, 2017

So this article is how to take a small first step towards investing - micro investing.  In my blog post, Learn how to improve a graduates life, I talk about the power of compound interest and how time is the most important thing to give your money a chance to double....

May 8, 2017

I just finished designing my business cards and flyers for my new business!  After brainstorming with my friend Allison, founder and lead designer at  B-Hive Creative, I decided to be brave and make my own literature!  I decided to use and the free Canva App fr...

April 30, 2017

The truth about what credit companies think of you! It's so true it's funny. But not really funny like they are laughing with you. The other type of funny.

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March 23, 2017

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