Learn how to improve a graduate's life

The thing with money and kids is that adults aren't often very honest about their own financial mistakes.  If you take your graduate as

Debt is ugly but budgets are beautiful!

Did you know that ‘budget’ doesn't have to mean ‘crummy’ or ‘boring’ or ‘cheap’? I have a fear that people tune out when I say the “B w

DIY Business Cards and Flyers

I just finished designing my business cards and flyers for my new business!  After brainstorming with my friend Allison, founder and lead de

Pool table room budget buster!

Do you know how when you do a project and make something look good and then the things around it look bad in comparison? So then you start t


Theresa: Theresa why did you decide to interview yourself? You know this makes you look a little crazy, right? Me: What a great question!

Sell Your Stuff (Profit and Declutter)

You have taken the first step to taking control of the clutter in your house. This process takes time and can be stressful to imagine a cha

5 Ways to ignore debt induced guilt

Sometimes we all need a break from reality! Perhaps you’ve been reading blog posts about overspending and have been feeling a little anxious

Paying for good behavior

This is a system we learned from Dave Ramsey - you pay your child commissions rather than giving them an allowance. And (shocker), sometimes

Let's be Un-Normal

Have you ever been having a wonderful dream and then abruptly wake up because you realize that you overslept? You missed your alarm and...

Don't FOMO your way to "oh no!"

FOMO: fear of missing out. Urban dictionary says it is an omnipresent anxiety brought on by our cognitive ability to recognize potential op

Here, have this rock!

So this is me starting: welcome to my blog! I would like to give you this virtual rock, so that if you get nothing else out of reading this