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Family Gratitude Journal Explained

I decided to create something for my family to use - something with prompts to help us dig deeper and THINK about the answers. And,  because

How much money do you eat?

It's easy to overspend on groceries and restaurants - unless you are using cash! We showed our kids how much money we spent a month on f

Santa's expert advice on making a list

The holiday season is magical - everyone is friendlier; our houses are decorated so prettily; there is rich food everywhere; and heartwarmin

Own The Responsibility

My response is my responsibility. I must stop blaming my environment for my spending habits. If my ice dispenser stops working I do not ne

Blogging is harder than it looks

I jumped into blogging with no idea what I was doing (could you tell?) Remember my first post, Here, have this rock?  It was one of those th

Movie Review: The Dark Tower

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. If this sentence means anything to you then you are probably a Dark T

Why it's so hard to dump our bad habits

Take a sneak peek around and do an assessment. Do people look healthier or skinnier than they did in January? Do they seem happier and enj

Auto-Interview Part 2

Theresa: It’s been three months since your last self-interview, why are you doing it again? Me: I like to pretend that people have been clam

Would you let her buy you lunch?

I haven't blogged in a while because we've been swamped with living the good life: All-Star Baseball tournaments for my studly 8 yea

How to start investing today

So this article is how to take a small first step towards investing - micro investing.  In my blog post, Learn how to improve a graduates li

How Dave Ramsey's FPU changed my life

Before FPU I would have said that I kept a budget. Every month I had an idea roughly how much we needed to spend.  I would balance our check

Wonder Woman: Movie Review

Visually, I especially loved the initial scenes when the Amazons were on the island of paradise, Themyscira.   It was a breathtakingly encha

How to make more money on the side

In the financial class that I facilitate, there's almost always a point when people realize that they’re spending too much money.  I ha

Beginners Guide: Retirement

Do you know that the eighth wonder of the world (according to Albert Einstein) is compound interest? We're talking free money here peopl

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