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If you can dream it

I can help you plan it

Because a dream without a plan is a wish

A Financial Coach can help you find Financial Wellness! 


I can help you find

Financial Wellness

together we will.....

About Me

As a successful financial coach, I’ve helped my clients overcome debt and build wealth. By asking the right questions and providing recommendations, I give my clients hope and help them to take action in pursuit of their dreams.


Most people with financial problems don't look like they need help.  Financial fitness is not easy to obtain and maintain if you are focused on 'looking good' in our society. Remember hearing not to judge a book by the cover?  Well, the best dressed, muscular, and most beautiful people who drive new cars and eat at the trendiest restaurants might not look that good if you could view them soley based on their financial fitness.


I love helping people to see themselves through a metaphorical financial fitness filter. I want to listen to your story and provide some objective feedback to help you see your true financial situation and get you back on track to using your income to live your dreams.

Theresa Gray at the beach

Get Financially Fit

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